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The annual face to face forum
for the Iberian HORECA industry

What is Iberhoreca?

Iberhoreca is a 2 day forum that brings together every year the Purchasing Directors from the main hotel chains, restaurant groups and facility services operators in Spain & Portugal and manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of products for this industry.

The essence of Iberhoreca is a face-to-face meeting program created individually for each buyer and supplier. The event combines personalized face-to-face meetings with relaxed and relaxed networking activities.


  • 20 minute face to face meetings
  • All meetings are held in the hotel ballroom.
  • Buyers have their own personal desk, which suppliers visit according to their schedule.
  • All meetings are scheduled prior to the event. Both buyers and suppliers can choose with whom they would like to meet.


  • The supplier showcase is a reserved space that all suppliers have at their disposal in order to exhibit their samples and products.
  • The space is distributed along the perimeter of the ballroom.
  • No stand is needed and it doesn’t involve any cost at all.
  • If extra space is needed for larger products, always contact the IH team in advance.


  • Debate sessions about the current situation and various key aspects of this industry.
  • Conferences.
  • Workshops.
  • They help to expand the knowledge of the sector and offer different ways to approach the same point of interest or objective of the industry.


  • Essential part of the event where contact is established with the total number of attendees, both buyers and suppliers.
  • All attendees are staying at the same hotel and all activities are carried out jointly.
  • All the breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks of the event represent perfect moments for quality networking.
  • Closer links are generated and all attendees are known in a more personal way.

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